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Want to have some enormous fun?  Have one of the National Geographic Society giant traveling maps visit your school.  The VGA will be hosting 3 giant traveling maps in the 2013-2014 school year. 

These huge floor maps of the continents are made to walk on.  Each map is approximately 26' by 35', and comes with a trunk full of ideas and materials for many different lessons.  The activities incorporate physical movement and games to teach geography and map reading skills for grades K-8.


2013-2014 School Year

Next year, the VGA will be hosting 3 giant traveling maps in the state.  The schedule is:

South America: October 21 - November 1

Europe: March 24 - April 4

Asia: May 12-23

Note: if you are interested in Africa, the Pacific, or North America, please contact us with your choice of dates, and we will see if we can order it.

Each map costs $65/day, and the borrowing school must transport the map and trunk to the next Vermont school on the list.  The maps are rolled into a 10' long transportation tube that can transported by a large van or a pick-up truck.   

Let us know if you want to reserve a giant traveling map for next school year.  Sign up early and get the dates of your choice!  Contact Mary Cassarino via email: mpcassarino at